Dear microscopy users, students, faculty members and researchers,

We are happy to renew the microscopy group meetings after a long break.
We strongly encourage you to contact us if you wish to present your microscopy related research during one of the next meetings.

For more details, and for the list of past and future lectures please visit the following link – https://mtrmika.wixsite.com/technion-mgm

Welcome to the Center for Electron Microscopy of Soft Materials

The Center aims to answer fundamental and applicative nanostructural questions in soft materials chemical and biological systems, using state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in electron microscopy. The center is well equipped to study specimens at cryogenic temperatures, as well as room temperature, including low-contrast and highly electron-sensitive systems.

The Center, located in the Department of Chemical Engineering, is a Technion Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute (RBNI) facility, one of its about fifteen infrastructure laboratories. RBNI has provided major finding for its equipment and upkeep. The Center provides service to the Technion community, academic partners, and industrial users, in Israel and abroad. It trains students and researches in independent hands-on work on the instruments. It also offers service work for the occasional academic user and for industry.

The Center is equipped with a Zeiss Ultra Plus high-resolution cryo-scanning electron microscope (HR-SEM), an FEI T12 G2 transmission electron microscope (TEM), a FEG-equipped FEI Talos 200C high-resolution transmission electron microscope (in the TEM and STEM modes), as well as a variety of cryo-specimen preparation systems for cryo-TEM and cryo-SEM, including equipment for freeze-fracture-replication and for cryo-microtomy. The center offers 3D characterization by electron tomography, from specimen preparation, thru data collection, to image processing and 3D reconstruction. See more in the Equipment section.