Training Courses

Practical T-12 Course

Course includes 4-5 meetings, each 3-hour long. Following the course, the participants need to pass a practical exam including theoretical questions. Participants who don’t have theoretical background will be given the appropriate guidance in order to make up the neccesary knowledge.

Course topics include:

  • The microscope lab (chiller, N2 gas, compressed air, humidity remover, air conditioning, etc.).
  • The TEM (gun, column, lenses, apertures, vacuum system, CCD-camera, control panel, remote control to the computer).
  • TEM appliances (holders, dewars, LN2, transfer stations, pumping station).
  • Start-up routine for the TEM (1st user of the day).
  • Transfer and removal of the sample into the microscope.
  • Sample eucentricity correction and preparation for imaging using TEM low-dose options.
  • Imaging using the DigitalMicrograph software package.
  • Images saving, documenting and back-up rules.
  • Astigmatism correction (beam, image, diffraction).
  • Dark-field imaging.
  • Electron diffraction.
  • Trouble shooting, including the microscope restart procedure.
  • Session end. Last user of the day – routine.
  • Specimen preparation.
  • Cryo-sample preparation, cryo-transfer – additional hours for interested users.

TEM course price

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Practical SEM-course

  • The work on HR-SEM is very useful for those, engaged with nanometer-scale materials (in solids and liquids).
  • The course consists of 6 learning hours in a small group (Up to 4 participants), 3 hours of personal training and a final exam, which includes theoretical questions, after which the participant will be able to work independently.
  • theoretical or practical microscopy background is an advantage, such as participation (in the past or in the coming semester) in EM course given by Prof. Talmon (Chemical Engineering faculty) and/or SEM course given by Dr. Alex Berner (Materials Engineering faculty).
  • Complementing training on the energy-dispersive x-ray (EDS) detector will be given upon demand.
  • Cryo-SEM training will be given separately for interested users.

HR-SEM course price

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For more details on the courses and their opening dates, please contact:

Dr. Olga Kleinerman (, phone: 04-8292845)